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Car flags

The great thing about car flags is that they can move with the cars, so whenever you drive with your cars you can always grab your flags on the window, so the message you want to convey can be easily seen through the city, state and country.

Color: we can print any colors based on the PMS codes you offer
Shape: normally it goes like the rectangle shape, but it can be customized shape as your need
Texture: 110g knit polyester made for longer life
The price is negotiable according to your quantity.
For price updating, please contact online or call us going into the details!


Custom  Printed  car flags  are great promotional tool for Clubs, car forecourt , delivery services  and  team  supporters. The use of car flags in the promotions and event 

market is endless.  Helping to promote a brand or a service by instantly catch the eye of passers . Distributing car flags to friends and families to disseminate  business

 features is a more cost-effective way of promoting one's business. 


 There are different grades of car flags and depending on how the car flags are going to be used.

1、premium car flag staff: use for standard highway speeds

2、economy car flag staff: use for stationary and parade use

 Car flags can either be 1ply (single sided) or 3ply (Double sided 3 layers ), 3ply make the flag heavier so it is recommended to use a stiffer pole.

The great thing about car flags is that they are mobile,  car flags move around with the car so your flag and its message travel the city, state and country.  Imagine driving

down the main street and seeing cars passing with the name of your school, sports team or business waving about.

Car flags allow for high visibility in a wide area in a way no other product can do.